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At Midwest Manufacturing Consultants we  provide an objective look into your manufacturing process. Whether it’s a process you want to improve with new equipment, a new plant, or if you would like to be assured your current equipment is being used efficiently, Midwest Manufacturing Consultants can help.

Does the quality of your product need to be improved? Our consultants will be glad to review and recommend improvements.

Is the cost of your product too high? We can meet with your engineering staff to assist them in design for manufacturability then recommend steps to reduce cost without sacrificing quality.

If your company is struggling with quality, delivery, or price, please consider Midwest Manufacturing Consultants as the first step toward improving your company.

Midwest Manufacturing Consultants has added Bront Machining to it's lineup of manufacturing sources

Bront Machining, IncBront Machining, Inc. adds a reliable small parts shop to our manufacturing sources.  Bront is both ISO9001 and AS9100 certified. Equipped with several Swiss machines plus the turning and milling capacity to produce your small parts at a competitive price. Bront has the capability to handle both your small and large quantity requirements. Their attached brochure is very impressive. The second page of the brochure gives you an idea of the size range of parts they are currently or have produced.
Click HERE to learn more about Bront Machining, Inc.

Experience Matters

Our consultants range from former plant managers, manufacturing engineering managers, industrial engineering managers, quality managers and programming supervisors. All have retired and have a wealth of practical knowledge.

No Risk!

Midwest Manufacturing Consultants will send a consultant to your facilities for one full day. At the end of that day, if we don’t feel we can improve your process, we pick up all expenses.


MMC Will Help...

  • Improve quality
  • Deliver on-time
  • Maintain competitive prices
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